Your new favorite insider

We all know that exciting feeling when travelling to a new place.

Is it the beautiful places you never thought you’d get to see and the unforgettable new people you'll meet? Or the tantalizing promise of exotic, mouth-watering new foods? Maybe there's something on a much deeper level that keeps us coming back for more – to expand our frontiers and see, taste, smell and experience a new world in the same way that the locals do every day.

In a new country, every new experience seems irresistible, but there are so many things to do, see and try!

You have to make sure everything is worth your time and money. You book your flight, and you start your research: travel blogs and guidebooks, write up a list of things you want to do and see, cross half of it out… It’s exhausting and time-consuming, especially when there are so many different opinions online. Don't you wish you just could skip ahead to the fun part?

That’s where we come in.

As passionate travelers, we appreciate the incredible value of getting the best recommendations in a new place. They'll save you time and money and make your memories last a lifetime – but only if they are recommended by locals!

We've gathered a group of insiders who are passionate about their cities to pick the very best of the best and share it with you. Whether it's a car rental that won't overcharge you because you're not a local, an amazing activity that all of the other guidebooks missed, or recommendations for the best restaurant in town where all the locals eat – we've got it all!

Imagine having an insider friend when you travel.

Go local – the more exotic the better! Instead of a soulless tourist trap or a restaurant that specializes in thawing frozen ready-meals, you'll see your destination the way the locals see it – as a vibrant, beloved home full of positive energy, quality meals, and fun!

So we say “no” to disappointments!
Go local and welcome to Coupidon – your new favorite insider!

Quality Control

We created Coupidon because, as insiders, we're tired of seeing passionate, quality local restaurants and other businesses being overshadowed by shady main-street tourist traps with dishonest reviews left by friends or wannabe friends. We personally check and test every business on our website because our aim is exclusively to gather only the best of the best. However, businesses can change, and we don't want anyone resting on their laurels.

That's why we need your help.
If your experience with any listing on our website was less than you expected, please contact us via e-mail with your feedback as soon as possible so we can investigate and reconsider featuring that business on our site. With your help and input, we will ensure the sweetest and most beautiful memories possible for all our fellow travellers.

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